<%OPTION EXPLICIT ByPassAdminCheck = true %> <% bAdminSection = false WriteAdminHeader Main Response.End '*** THE END *** sub Main AutoPage_Init Action = "Add" DefineFields if Request("Submit") <> "" then WriteLocalHeader "Store details" AutoPage_SaveSubject AutoPage_StatusSuccess = "Your registration has been submitted." AutoPage_StatusFail = "Problem with registration details" AutoPage_WriteStatus if Success then p br AutoPage_WriteMessage "The administrator will notify you via email when your account has been activated." else WriteForm end if else WriteLocalHeader "Add new account" WriteForm end if AutoPage_Close WriteAdminFooter end sub sub WriteLocalHeader(h) WriteEmloyeePageTitle "Register" %>
<% AutoPage_ResetPageMenu AutoPage_WritePageMenuItem "Log In", "Login.htm" AutoPage_WritePageMenuItem "Forgot Password", "Forgot.htm" %>
<% end sub sub OverrideValidate dim v, v2 v = val(fldPassword) v2 = val(fldConfirmPassword) if v <> v2 or v = "" then Success = false FocusField = fldPassword Msg = "Please provide a password and repeat it in the Confirm Password field." exit sub end if OverrideValidateShared end sub %>