Why work at TSSD?

TSSD Services, Inc. is an experienced staff augmentation provider, providing professional and technical staff augmentation services since 1999 with an excellent reputation amongst our clients and our employees.


What makes TSSD an excellent place to work?

  • TSSD emphasizes transparency and integrity. TSSD focuses on safety of our staff and on our projects. Providing the highest quality will always be our foundation.
  • TSSD processes a bi-weekly payroll and uses a payroll services company that supports direct-deposit and self-service features
  • TSSD offers paid time off (PTO). When sufficient hours have been accrued, you may use the accrued balance at your discretion for holidays, vacation, sickness, etc.
  • TSSD provides disability insurance coverage at no cost to you
  • The following benefits are available at TSSD's group rates: Healthcare, Vision, Dental, Life and Accident and Supplemental Health Insurance
  • TSSD has a mandatory defined contribution program under which a portion of your total compensation is invested in a Deferred Compensation Plan (“DCP” or “the Plan”). The Plan is similar to a traditional retirement savings plan, but the contribution limits are substantially higher, allowing significant tax savings. Contributions are sheltered from all payroll taxes and Federal and state withholding. The Plan has two components: a “safe harbor” non elective contribution fixed at 10% of your gross taxable wages, and an additional voluntary 401(k) employee deferral option so you may contribute additional pre-tax amounts of your choosing up to the IRS annual limit. Voluntary 401(k) employee deferred contributions are only sheltered from Federal and state withholding. You are immediately vested when contributions are remitted to the Plan on a bi-weekly basis. The Plan has a variety of fund choices and you decide how your money is invested.
  • TSSD is proud to celebrate over 2 million safe work hours

At TSSD, we encourage all parties interested in career opportunities at our company to submit their résumés. We review each potential candidate to determine if they are an appropriate fit for our company, clients, and community.

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