TSSD Services, Inc.

TSSD Services, Inc. (TSSD) is a multidisciplinary professional and technical staff augmentation services firm founded in 1999 with a mission to provide quality management and technical staff resources to the energy and utility sector with an emphasis on the nuclear industry. TSSD maintains a staff of professionals providing services in all stages of the nuclear plant lifecycle: construction, commissioning, operations, capital improvements, decommissioning and site closure. TSSD personnel have extensive experience and expertise in managing successful, safe and cost-effective fuel transfer campaigns, dry fuel storage operations and decontamination, demolition and decommissioning projects.


TSSD provides a broad range of services and support to the government, utilities and private and public companies. TSSD has become an industry leader in guiding organizational change and transition, nuclear decommissioning planning and project execution. TSSD personnel provide consultation, management support and technical expertise to our clients on range of complex issues including organizational transition, staffing plans, project execution, financial governance, regulatory compliance and litigation support.


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Why Work at TSSD?

TSSD Services, Inc. is an experienced staff augmentation provider, providing professional and technical staff augmentation services since 1999 with an excellent reputation amongst our clients and our employees.

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