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TSSD Services, Inc. (TSSD) is a multidisciplinary professional and technical staff augmentation services firm founded in 1999 with a mission to provide quality management and technical staff resources to the energy and utility sector with an emphasis on the nuclear industry. TSSD maintains a staff of professionals providing services in all stages of the nuclear plant lifecycle: construction, commissioning, operations, capital improvements, decommissioning and site closure. TSSD personnel have extensive experience and expertise in managing successful, safe and cost-effective fuel transfer campaigns, dry fuel storage operations and decontamination, demolition and decommissioning projects.


A Broad Range of Services

TSSD provides a broad range of services and support to the government, utilities and private and public companies. TSSD has become an industry leader in guiding organizational change and transition, nuclear decommissioning planning and project execution. TSSD personnel provide consultation, management support and technical expertise to our clients on range of complex issues including organizational transition, staffing plans, project execution, financial governance, regulatory compliance and litigation support. TSSD is experienced in working with clients using or contemplating all contract and transactional models including self-performance, decommissioning operations contractor (DOC) / decommissioning general contractor (DGC), license stewardship and asset sale as means for plant decommissioning or the disposition of assets.

Our Services


Todd Smith, Founder of TSSD Services, Inc. is a highly sought-after advisor and one of the foremost experts on the successful decommissioning of commercial nuclear power plants and subsequent management of long-term dry fuel storage. His expertise extends beyond the project lifecycle, to provide leadership and strategy for delivering successful outcomes in Department of Energy (“DOE”) spent fuel litigation, Federal Energy Regulatory Commissioning (“FERC”) and other regulatory proceedings.

As a leader in the commercial nuclear industry, Mr. Smith ran the business operations for the decommissioning of three New England nuclear power plants. He currently serves as the Director of Business Operations for all three sites organizations’ dry fuel storage operations. Mr. Smith also plays a key role in ongoing DOE litigation regarding high level waste liabilities at the three sites where recovered monetary damages to date total in excess of $575 Million or 99% of damages for utility ratepayers.

Mr. Smith routinely serves as an expert witness for various utilities around the country on such topics as; commercial nuclear DOE spent fuel litigation, commercial decommissioning cost estimates (“DCE”), commercial nuclear waste disposition, commercial disposition of spent fuel and decommissioning assets/projects as well as other regulatory proceedings.

During numerous FERC proceedings over 20 years where Mr. Smith was a part of the management team, there were no costs disallowed on over $1.5 Billion of work performed.

Mr. Smith attended Thomas College and holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration.

Meet the Team
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Partners in Project Management Since 1999

TSSD personnel were a key component of the team that successfully decommissioned Maine Yankee Atomic Power Co., Connecticut Yankee Atomic Power Co., and Yankee Atomic Electric Co.’s (3 Yankees) respective nuclear power plants and continues to provide technical and management services to support long term dry fuel storage operations. TSSD has been, and currently is, involved in many decommissioning projects including: Fort Calhoun Station, Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station, Zion Nuclear Power Station, San Onofre Nuclear Generation Station, Crystal River Nuclear Plant, Humboldt Bay, Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station and La Crosse Boiling Water Reactor.

In recent years, TSSD has embarked on a series of Department of Energy (DOE) remediation and disposition projects including the Separations Process Research Unit Disposition Project, Oak Ridge Reservation Remediation Project and Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant Deactivation and Decommissioning Project. These projects focus on environmental cleanup activities, including: remediation, waste management, disposition of contaminants, and facility decontamination and decommissioning. TSSD also services other energy sectors and has been, and is currently, involved in wind and hydro projects nationwide.

TSSD is a self-certified small business.