Case Study

Crystal River 3 Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning Project

TSSD has been supporting the Crystal River Unit 3 (CR3) Decommissioning Project since 2013, prior to decommissioning efforts commencing. TSSD has been a proud and loyal service provider to the former utility owner, its subcontractors and now current decommissioning agent and licensee, ADP CR3, LLC and partner NorthStar Contracting Group.

TSSD personnel were instrumental, albeit unsuccessful, in containment stabilization and plant recovery efforts.

After the plant’s licensed authority was transferred from utility owner to decommissioning licensed operator in 2020, TSSD has been engaged and routinely provides NorthStar full scope decommissioning support. This includes staff augmentation and subject matter expertise. TSSD personnel hold senior management positions within the project management organization, as well as leadership roles in maintaining essential functioning support e.g. radiation protection, quality assurance, work planning and control, worker concerns and site closure efforts. TSSD personnel hold positions throughout the project organization from field support to decommissioning project management.